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Georgian Association of Disaster and Critical Care Medicine

*Georgian Association of Disaster and Critical Care Medicine (Http/ was established in 1990, it was the first professional association of doctors in the former Soviet Union. Before that, the members of the future association actively participated in the liquidation of the medical problems of the Daspitaki earthquake, the tragedy of the 9th of April in Tbilisi. The members of the association also directly participated in the provision of medical services for the wars waged for the territorial integrity of Georgia in Abkhazia and Samachablo. The members of the association also directly helped the Georgian population fleeing from Abkhazia on the roads of Svaneti during the evacuation. The main goal of the association is the development of the disaster and emergency medicine service in Georgia. For this purpose, the association is trying to support the provision of disaster and critical medicine service in Georgia with highly qualified doctors and nurses.

*The association has created an exclusive model of critical medicine in Georgia, which differs from the corresponding services in other countries of the world. Namely, it is the separation of critical medicine from anesthesiology and its presentation as an independent specialty. It is also a three-year independent residency institute in critical care medicine, whose graduates take an independent certification exam in that specialty. These are inexpensive and simple treatment standards and protocols designed with the concept of "Medicine in times of limited resources" in mind, and which provide the same treatment results at 10 times less cost. In addition, the critical medicine doctor in Georgia directs all the routines of the treatment of the critically ill patient, in contrast to critical medicine doctors in other countries, who mainly act as coordinators during this process.

*The association brings together the majority of critical care doctors working in Georgia today, the association holds a national conference on disaster and critical condition medicine every year. The association also holds an international symposium on Critical Care & "Catastrophe Medicine". Steps in Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine". The association has close ties with the leading institutions of disaster and critical care medicine in the USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, Egypt, Ukraine, Israel and other countries. The leading organization of the association is the Institute of Critical Care Medicine of Georgia (Http/www.Critical Care Medicine Institute) has been one of the world's highest ranked institutions in critical care medicine since 2009. The association is a member of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Nedicine (Http.www.World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Nedicine) and the European Society of Intensive Care ( http/www.European Society of Intensive Medicine) national member. In addition, he is one of the founders of the World Global Sepsis Alliance (Http/www.Global Sepsis Alliance). The president of the association since its foundation is academician Zurab Kheladze.

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