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Preparation of personnel

The Faculty of Medicine works in the institute, which trains doctors of a general profile. The duration of education is six years.

Post-diploma training at the institute is carried out in the form of a residency. The institute is a training base for residents with state programs of the specialty "Critical Conditions Medicine".

Post-graduate training is also offered as a junior doctor training program.

Since 2003, the institute has established a system of continuous professional development of doctors in critical medicine. From this point of view, the institute operates 2 courses "New technologies in critical medicine" (#0091) and "Critical medicine in times of shortage of resources" (#00353). So far, 238 doctors have been trained in these programs.

The Institute of Critical Care Medicine is the base of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University. Students and researchers are being trained at the existing base.

Graduates of critical medicine work in leading critical medicine clinics of Georgia and foreign countries (USA, Russia, Germany, Ukraine).


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