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Emergency and disaster medicine

Institute of Critical Medicine of Georgia, Medical Sciences of Georgia  Official Journal of the Academy, Georgian Disaster and Critical Care Medicine, Official Journal of the Association

Tbilisi Georgia

"A person should always have the idea that the most precious thing he has is life, and on this path of life, sooner or later, everyone will face a critical situation"                                                                     

Zurab Kheladze


The journal "Critical Conditions and Disaster Medicine" (ISSN 1512-2689) was established in 2005, its founder and publisher is the Institute of Critical Medicine of Georgia. Articles in the journal are published in English and Georgian languages. The journal is a non-commercial, peer-reviewed and refereed scientific publication. Each of his articles is reviewed by the employees of the Institute of Critical Medicine of Georgia and referred to the "Georgian abstract journal" QRJ.html". The members of the editorial board of the journal are from Georgia, USA, Russia, Germany, France, Leading specialists from Japan, Israel, Egypt and other countries. The journal is stored in the National Library of Georgia and the library of the Institute of Critical Medicine of Georgia. The electronic version of the journal (ISSN 1512-2689) is a shortened version of the printed version and can be found at:"        
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ISSN 1512 -2689.

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