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The institute has a clinical hospital of critical medicine (medical license OBG #002653), which annually treats about 200 critically ill patients, most of whom are transferred from critical medicine clinics of the city of Tbilisi and other regions, where modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients have been introduced (computer Tomography, plasmapheresis and others), recently 3 doctors have raised their professional level in the critical care clinic.

Today, the institute is a pioneer in the use of such diagnostic and treatment methods as endogenous toxemia drugs, extracorporeal immunosorption, and the use of nanotechnological antioxidants.

With the help of the institute, the current medical standards in critical medicine and anesthesiology have been created in the country.

At the time, the employees and students of the institute took an active part in the disaster of the Spitak and Racha-Imereti earthquakes, the April 9 tragedy in Tbilisi, and the medical provision of the refugee population from Abkhazia in Svaneti.

The Association of Critical Care and Disaster Medicine works on the basis of the institute, which unites the majority of doctors working in this specialty.

Georgian state standards for patients aged 0 - 3 years (1 / 2), 3 - 14 years (1 / 2) and over 14 years (1 / 2) in critical care.

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